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BUJKA – Badan Usaha Jasa Konstruksi Asing.

BUJK-ASING  or BUJKA or Foreign Construction Representative Office is a 100% construction service company that opens a representative office for construction service companies in Indonesia.

BUJKA – Construction Service Business Entity As a Foreign Construction Service Business Entity / BUJKA (Foreign Construction Company) requires a Business Entity Certificate from an accredited Association at the Construction Service Development Institute.

Certification is used as a reference for business entities to carry out work in accordance with the classification, qualifications in the construction business and is a requirement for local construction service providers and foreign companies that can participate in national tenders throughout the region of Indonesia.

The growth and development of the construction service business sector in Indonesia can be seen from the number of business licenses granted to companies that carry out business activities in the construction services sector either as contractors or consultants including business licenses granted to Foreign Construction Service Business Entities or called BUJKA to work on projects. large constructions scattered throughout Indonesia.

BUJKA is a 100% foreign construction service company that is established under the laws of a foreign country and is domiciled and has a head office abroad that conducts business activities in Indonesia by opening a Representative Office of a Foreign Construction Service Company. This company must have large qualifications and have experience working on construction projects with high risks, high costs and using modern technology.
To be able to carry out business activities and open a representative office for foreign construction services in Indonesia, BUJKA must obtain a Foreign Construction Service Business Entity Permit in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Public Works of the Republic of Indonesia Number 10 / PRT / M / 2014 concerning “Guidelines for Requirements for Granting Service Business Entity Representative Licenses. Foreign Construction ”.

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