Opening a Construction Company in Indonesia

Since 2009 we’ve helped more than 3000 companies around Indonesia. For scope Business such as contractor, Oil and Gas, Mining, Trading, Supplier, Manpower, NDT Inspection, Fabrication, Consultant and any scope business. For local company and foreign company either.  And most of them are construction companies.

To open a construction company in Indonesia, you must get a consultant who understands the applicable regulations, Afita Consultant is ready to serve you ! In fact, our experience make us can give a good result. As a matter of fact, we already have more then a hundred construction companies as our clients.

Investment in Indonesia, especially in the construction sector, is divided into:

1. BUJK PMA is a Business Entity in the form of a Limited Liability Company (PT) which is established in the framework of Foreign Investment or commonly known as PT-PMA.

2. BUJKA is a 100% foreign construction service company that opens a representative office of a construction service company in Indonesia.

3. BUJKN or National Construction Service Business Entity, hereinafter abbreviated to National BUJK, is a company or business entity in the form of PT,  CV,  or Koperasi whose capital comes 100% from within the country we called it PMDN.

The operational of a Construction Service Business Entity in the form of BUJKA, PMA and PMDN requires a Business Entity Certificate from an accredited Association at the Construction Service Development Agency.

Certification is used as a reference for business entities to carry out work in accordance with the classification, qualifications in the construction business and is a requirement for local construction service providers and foreign companies that can participate in national tenders throughout the region of Indonesia. Call us for further information !

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