Set Up PMA

1. Copy of Identity, Indonesia Tax Number & Family Card (for Indonesian) of the shareholders and management, at least 2 people (1 Director and 1 Commissioner)

2. Photo of Director size 3 × 4 cm

3. Copy of the latest building land tax (PBB) according to company domicile

4. Copy of Office Contract / Lease Letter or proof of ownership of the place of business

5. Domicile Certificate from the building manager if domiciled in the Office Building

6. Letter from citizen management RT / RW (if needed, for companies domiciled in a residential area) specifically outside Jakarta

7. The office is in an Office / Plaza Area, or a Shophouse, or not in a residential area

8. Company Stamp

9. Founders (Directors and Commissioners) consist of at least 2 or more people

10. Shareholders must have a passport, residence permit (KITAS/IMTA)and tax number card accordance with Indonesian law

11. Prepare at least 2 alternative Company Names

12. Make a company scheme whose contents:

⁃ The composition of shareholders (the founder must take part in the shares.

⁃ The management consists of at least 1 Director and 1 Commissioner

⁃ Determine the value of authorized capital

⁃ Follow the provisions on foreign ownership limits in accordance with Presidential Regulation No. 44 in 2016

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