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logo afita consultant‘Company formation, licensing & certification for construction services, mining, oil & gas company & suppliers.’




We’re from CV. AFITA CONSULTANT always open to join network and build relationships with any company. We’ve learning to build stronger relationships with our clients is with always put their trust compare any various factors. Our services are establish company in Indonesia and and facilitate your business in terms of legality and tender. Since 2009 we helped more than 1500 Companies around Indonesia.
 For scope Business such as contractor, Oil and Gas, Maining, Trading, Supplier, Manpower, NDT Inspection, Fabrication, Consultant and many scope business. For local Company and foreign Company either. 
For establishment Company until helping Prepare your Licenses and certificates until your company gets ready to reach your success.


We are one of the consultants who are committed and competent in the field of legalization and certification of enterprises as well as the completeness of the legality of the company, for that we are always trying to develop our services in various aspects of business enterprises in Indonesia. We realize your time is valuable, so we are here to help your company, in the field of document requirements, licensing and legality of your company. Since its establishment in 2009 until now, we have always tried to follow the developments and changes in administrative procedures and regulations – regulations in Indonesia, due to our commitment to be able to bridge the government and the company in terms of the completeness of the document company, because it is the completeness of the document the company is one of the requirements major participation of a company in order to tenders, tenders both private and government tenders. In addition to providing consulting and as a corporate legal practitioner, to some core business, we also provide training to human resources (HR) and specific guidance.

Kami adalah salah satu konsultan yang  berkomitmen dan berkompeten  dibidang   legalisasi dan sertifikasi badan usaha  serta kelengkapan surat legalitas perusahaan, untuk itu kami  selalu berusaha mengembangkan  service kami di  berbagai aspek bisnis perusahaan-perusahaan di Indonesia.Kami sadar waktu anda sangat berharga,  untuk  itu kami hadir untuk  membantu perusahaan  anda, dalam bidang kelengkapan dokumen, perijinan  dan  legalitas perusahaan anda. Sejak berdiri pada tahun 2009 sampai saat ini, kami selalu berusaha  mengikuti  perkembangan  dan perubahan prosedur administratif  dan  perundang – undangan di  Indonesia, karena  komitmen  kami untuk  bisa menjembatani pihak pemerintah dan  perusahaan  dalam hal  kelengkapan dokument perusahaan,  karena  memang  kelengkapan dokument perusahaan merupakan  salah  satu  persyaratan utama  sebuah  perusahaan  dalam rangka keikutsertaan didalam tender, baik tender swasta maupun tender pemerintah. Selain  memberikan  konsultasi  dan  sebagai  praktisi  legalitas   perusahaan,  untuk beberapa  core bisnis, kami   juga memberikan  training kepada sumber daya manusia (SDM) dan bimbingan tertentu, khususnya di dalam sertifikasi ISO dan OHSAS.


fifiafita “If you put good people in bad systems, you get bad results…We are a team who grow on the good system…it is amazing how much we as a team can accomplish when its does not matter who gets the credit just for a better services”  – Martha KF

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Thank you for your interest in Afita Services. To contact us, you can send us an email at afita_consultant@yahoo.co.id. You will receive a response confirming that we have received your email.  Please note that every attempt will be made to respond to quotation as soon as possible. To reach us by phone or fax, visit the office page of the office.


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